Our Building Process


Our Mennonite upbringing has taught us a lot about hard work and getting a job done right. We have helped many people build projects large and small through the years and we are constantly looking to improve quality while increasing efficiency.


Whether executing a project big or small, it can be a complicated process but we believe good communication is key to completing your project successfully. We keep our clients updated on project progression and alert them to changes.

Our Workers

Our workers are carefully selected for their expertise in certain stages of the building process and not just for having the best price. Our job sites are known for having crews who work diligently and provide a clean and healthy work environment. 

Aaron Yoder Builders has been a great partner/contractor for multiple projects I’ve been involved with over the past 19 years. They just completed a new addition on my home and I could not be more pleased with the quality of their work, the efficient manner in which they operate and their excellent communication. More importantly they do all of this with a positive, can-do-attitude that makes it enjoyable to work with them.
Kevin Rice

Our process

Meet the builder

After you reach out to us for a free consultation the first thing we like to do is meet with you face-to-face and talk about your needs. We gather pictures, ideas, and other information that will help us put together a proposal for your project. 

Proposal and plans

After learning about your building needs we then put together a basic plan for your home. Our designers have lots of experience helping our clients find the style and layout that they want. Once the plans have been put together we can provide a rough estimate of what your project will cost. 

Budget and contract

At this stage we will finalize your building plans with details and changes that make it unique to you. Once the plans are finished we can then make final adjustments and complete your timeline, budget, and contract. 


We like to have one more meeting before beginning the building process so we can cover final details of your project and make any adjustments as needed. We also send our clients to visit different suppliers and make selections like choosing their flooring colors, paint, trim, hardware and other fun stuff. 

Construction and updates

This is where everything starts to come together and the part that takes the most time. We will keep you updated about the process of the building and make small changes as needed. Larger changes can be made after a change order has been submitted. 

Final preparation

This is where our crews cleanup around the building site and make final preparations so your home is move-in-ready. The project isn’t finished until we have completed a final inspection of your home to make sure everything is in place down to the smallest details.

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